The Paradigm Initiative is a not for profit agency based in Auckland that was established to work with disabled people and his or her family to enable their full inclusion in all aspects of community life.  We are conscious of the limited government resources available to support all of the needs of disabled people and paid supports for family. Therefore families could seek alternative solutions to securing a good life for their son or daughter.  Solutions lie within ourselves, in the people around us and in the wider community.   We strongly believe, that in order to make sound decisions relating to the future of their son or daughter, families should have access to effective information.


That disabled people will be fully included in all aspects of community life and their families will have the resources to craft a good life for them. 


  • That the natural authority of families is always respected.
  • That any work is carried out with a high level of integrity.
  • A disabled person's right to self-determination is respected so that the control over their life remains with them.
  • A disabled person's gifts, talents, and contributions are our guide.  

We will work with disabled people and their families;

  • To develop, facilitate and maintain Circles of Support
  • To develop a bespoke living arrangement for an individual in consultation their family.
  • To present workshops and community conversations to families and disabled people on topics relevant to them.
  • Support with the development of Family Governed Collectives
Bespoke Living Service

A fee structure is developed depending on what you are wanting. 

The Lifestyle co-ordinator will work with an individual and family to develop an independent living arrangement that is person centred and reflects a good and ordinary life in community.

This service includes the following;

  • Create a plan that describes who a person is, the changes they want to make in their life and the support needed
  • Finding a flat and flatmates
  • Finding the right personal assistance
  • Support with the development of budgets
  • Development and facilitation of a Circle of Support

"Young Adults Guide to Flatting" Please contact via email for your free copy. 


Circles of Support

  • Develop and facilitate  Circles of Support